Wednesday, 21 October 2015

07:30    Registration opens

08:00    Opening of the Exhibition
             Welcome Coffee, Dialogue with the Exhibitors

08:30    Introduction Day two and Chair Session 3
             Colonel Hans-Christian Hettfleisch, German MoD, Conference Chair

Session 3: Nuclear and Radiological Threats

08:40    Chair and Introduction
             Wolfgang Rudischhauser, Director WMDC NATO HQ – IS/ESC

Session 3A: Nuclear Terrorism

08:50    Political Assessment of the Threat
             Giorgio Franceschini, Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF), DEU

09:10    Experiences from a Reference Scenario
             Dr. Mario Burger, Labor Spiez, Switzerland, CHE

Session 3B: Fukushima Daiitschi – Assessment of a Nuclear Disaster

09:30    Experiences and Conclusions
             Colonel Shinji Iwakuma, Vice Superintendent Chemical School, JGSDF, JPN

09:50    Experiences and Conclusions from a National Point of View
              Dr. rer. nat. Horst Miska, Chairman of the Commission on Civil Protection of the MoI, DEU

10:10    The future of CBRN Defence - A system Integrator's Point of View            
              Dr. Bernhard-Christoph Halstrup, Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehciles, DEU

10:30    Coffee Break / Dialogue with the Exhibitors

Poster Sessions from 10:35-11:00 during Coffee Break

Conference continues with parallel Panel Sessions 8-13

11:10    Parallel Panel Sessions 8-13
Panel   8: Detection, Identification, Monitoring (RAD NUC)
Panel   9: Detection, Identification, Monitoring (BIO)
Panel 10: Decontamination and Disinfection
Panel 11: Individual and Collective Protection
Panel 12: Risk Analysis / Risk Assessment / Scenarios
Panel 13: Education and Training

12:50    Luncheon / Dialogue with Exhibitors

Session 4: The way ahead in Europe

14:00    Chair and Introduction
             Colonel Hans-Christian Hettfleisch, MoD, DEU and Dr. Iris Gnedler, MoI, DEU

14:10    The EU CBRN Centres of Excellence Initiative
             Ph.D. Bruno Dupré, European External Action Service (EEAS), Policy Coordinator on CBRN Issues

14:30    The EU CBRN AP and R&D Programme
             Dr. Said Abousahl, Head of Unit Nuclear Safety and Security, European Commission - DG JRC

14:50    CBRN Capability Development
             Colonel Henry Neumann, Commander, Bundeswehr CBRN Defence Command

15:10    EDA's CBRN Defence Project – An Opportunity for Industrie
             Gerlof de Wilde, EDA

15:30    The Role of the European Union in the Area of WMD Non-Proliferation
             John Gatt-Rutter, Head of Dvision  Non-Proliferation Disarmament and Arms Export Control, European External Action Service (EEAS)

15:50    Conclusions and Closing Remarks
             Colonel Hans-Christian Hettfleisch, Conference Chair, MoD
             Major General (ret.) Wolfgang Döring, Managing Director of DWT

16:00    End of Conference