Poster Sessions

All Posters will be presented on both conference days

P1    Identification of Biological Warfare Agents as Contaminants in Spices and Herbs
         Myriam Kruse, Sylvia Schirmer, Bärbel Niederwöhrmeier, WIS, DEU

P2    On Site Detection of Chemical Contamination on Surfaces via HAPSITE® by Combining SIM with Provisional Swipe Analysis
        Captain  Gerald Bauer, MSc, BMLVS AT NBC Defence School, AUT

P3    Direct Mass Spectrometric Laboratory Analyses of Low-Volatile Compounds
        Björn Klein, Dr. Vanessa Kunde, WIS, DEU

P4    Vapour Pressure Determination of Hazardous Chemical Agents by Simultaneous Thermal Analysis
        Dr. Arne Ficks, Dr. Martin Jung, WIS, DEU

P5    A High Performance for Life Support in Mission: Potable Water
        Jeldrik Moritz, Sven Fiebig, Elke Reifer, WIS, DEU

P6    Microemulsions as Adaptable Reaction Media for Decon Agents
       Dr. Martin Jung, WIS, DEU

P7    Analytical Estimation of Shelf Life for Reactive Skin Decontamination Lotion (RDSL®)
        R.Bogan, B. Klaubert, T. Zimmermann, Bundeswehr Central Medical Service, DEU

P8    Detecting Chemical Warfare Agents using the µRAID™
        Franziska Lange, Wolfgang Heller, Thomas Elßner, Bruker Daltonik GmbH, DEU

P9    Catalytic Oxidation and Pressure Swing Adsorption
        Friedrich Hesse, Beate Trier, WIS, DEU

P10  Solutions for the Next Generation Permeable CBRN Protective Garments
         Karola Hagner, Friedrich Hesse, David Liebscher, WIS, DEU

P11  Zodiac with Mask 2000 and COTS Boots
        Friedrich Hesse, Beate Trier, Karola Hagner, WIS, DEU

P12  Oxidative Decomposition Behaviors of Liquid Chemical Warfare Agents on Substrates by Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor and Additional Ammonia Gas
      Sam Gon Ryu, Hyun Bae Park; Agency for Defence Development, KOR

P13  The World og Research Working on CBRNe Problems: Laser Remote Sensing Systems for CWA, TICs and TIMs Detection and Identification
        P. Gaudio, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, ITA

P14  Gap Tool for Evaluation (G.A.T.E.) of CBRNe Drills, Table Top Exercices and Full Scale Exercices
        D. Di Giovanni, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, ITA

P15  A Novel Approach to set up a Qusi Real-Time Biological Agents Detection System
        Dr. Orlando Cenciatelli, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, ITA

P16 The Importance of a High Level Academic Approach to the CBRNe Problem to improve the Capabilities of Prevention, Management and Evaluation of Consequences
        L. Palombi et al., University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, ITA

P17 Study on the Adsorption Behaviors of Cyanogen Chloride and Water Vapor by Various Molecular-Organic Frameworks
       Hae Wan Lee*, Sam Gon Ryu, Agency for Defence Development, KOR

P18 The Source Attribution of Sarin and Nitrogen Mustard Chemical Agents through Impurity Profiling and Stable Isotope Ratios
       Carlos G. Fraga, Senior Research Scientist, National Security Directorate, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA