+++Visitor Registration opens in Spring 2018+++

The conference is open for members of the armed forces, police forces, the civil services, the parliaments and ministries, embassies, academia and business. The following categories are avaiable in 2018:

Category A) Armed Forces, Police, THW, Fire Brigades, Embassies, Ministries, Parliaments

Category B) Research, University, Institutions, others

Category C) Industries

Conference Rates: 

AttendanceIce-Breaker / 2x Lunch / Dinner
Category A)       45,00 €16,81 € each or 50,42 € Catering Package
Category B)     220,00 €included
Category C)  1.190,00 €included

Discounts for Category B 

Early Bird until June 01, 2018    -10%
Speaker  -50%

Discounts for Category C 

Early Bird until June 01, 2018    -10%
Speaker  -50%
Exhibitor  -20%
Exhibitor "exhibition only"  -70%
Exhibitor included ticket-100%
Attendance only one Day  -50%